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spicy greens salad, crispy shallots, watermelon radish, buttermilk blue cheese   11

chopped kale salad, roasted pear walnut dressing, delicata squash, bosc pear, goats milk feta, pickled watermelon, candied walnuts   12

roasted acorn squash, chanterelles, pickled kale, cultured cream, hazelnut-dried mint spice, sage   13

romanesco cauliflower, crimson lentils, grilled leek relish, caraway, leek ash, cilantro, green chili, garlic   14


choice of simple salad or fried fingerling potatoes

cheeseburger, caramelized onion jam, hot mustard, cheddar, crispy pickle  17   • add: bacon 2

crispy market fish, marinated cabbage, pickled chili mayo, scallion potato salad   15

roasted beet, blue cheese mousse, beet tapenade, almond, arugula, thyme   13



caraway roasted spare ribs, brussels sprouts slaw, rosemary mustard dressing, pickled mustard seed, yogurt   19

roasted heirloom carrot, wild rice, carrot puree, brown butter, hazelnut, scallion  16

thyme roasted wild skate wing, potato leek stew, beech mushrooms, caraway, scallions  18


hamburger, fries, or simple salad
fish and chips
mac and cheese


18% gratuity will be added to parties of 8 or more


Consuming raw or under-cooked products may increase your chances of food-borne illness.